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share and win CAMPAIGN

Help us spread the word about our community and enter for a chance to win a Crossrope Plus Set. Follow the steps below or watch the video at the end for detailed instructions.

Please note that the share and win campaign ends on May 15th, 2017 at 8PM EST.


STEP 1: Visit the Jump Rope Fitness Community

Click the blue button below to open up the Jump Rope Fitness Community (in separate tab).

STEP 2: Click the SHARE button up top to Share the Group

When you're inside the community, click on the Share button found right underneath the photo.

Community Share

STEP 3: Share the Community with Your Friends & Family

Write a custom message to tell people what the community is about. You can also tag people individually to get their attention. Also, please make sure to tag Crossrope Jump Ropes in your post (as demonstrated in the video).


STEP 4: Wait for announcement

We'll look at all the shares and randomly select a winner to get a free Crossrope Plus Set (or a gift card of equivalent value).

Crossrope Plus Set

Step-by-Step Instructions

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to help us spread the word with our Share and Win Campaign (enter to win a Crossrope Plus Set).

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