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Starts September 18, 2018


Looking for a fun new fitness challenge to take on? Join the ​popular Jump Rope Performance Challenge from Crossrope and discover how easy it is to get fit and feel your best.

This fun 10 day jump rope challenge kicks off on September 18, 2018. All of our events are designed to help you build strength and burn serious calories as you go head-to-head against thousands of other jumpers in our community.

This challenge is designed for all skill and fitness levels and is free to join. All you need is a jump rope and a place to jump. If you're ready to take on the challenge, click below to sign up.


I did 1000 jumps with the 1 lb orange Intensity rope tonight, in 11:42. Sets of 100 with short rests between. Thanks for the inspiration to try that!

 Andrzej T.

This challenge was just right! Can't wait for the next one! I did more than I knew I could, which was the point, great job everyone!

Valerie P.

Got my 500 in (think it may have been a little some point I broke form and lost count #Crossrope #PerformanceChallenge

 Charles H.

I broke a pr on every Event! I'm sure most people did so and that I think was what this was all about, improving yourself!

Shane W.

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Join our jump rope fitness community and see how this group of over 70,000 dedicated jumpers can help you break some personal records.

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