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Please take a second to download your challenge resources below.

1: Join the Community

Want to engage with other participants? Join our private Facebook group below and make sure to introduce yourself!

Join Our Private FB Community

2. Access Your Workouts

Get access to your daily jump rope and bodyweight workouts on our simple workout page (you'll also be notified by email).

*Will be available January 16th

Trainer Jump Rope Checklist

3. Download Nutrition Guidelines

Want to get the best results possible? Make sure your nutrition is on point with our simple nutrition guidelines.

Download Nutrition Guidelines


4: Get Your Jump Rope Set

Do you need a good jump rope for the challenge? Or just want to upgrade? Get yourself a set of weighted ropes here:

Get Your Crossrope Plus Set (Special Discount)

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5. Download Accountability Chart

Use the simple accountability chart we've created to track your progress over the 4 week journey.

Download Accountability Chart

6. Access Quick-Start Guide

Need help getting started? Check out the quick-start jump rope guide to help you learn the basic techniques.

Access the Quick-Start Guide

Crossrope Playlist

Bonus: Jump Rope Music Playlist

Need some tunes for your workouts? Check out this epic jump rope Spotify playlist we put together for you.

Open Spotify Playlist

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Challenge Bootcamp

Get extra jumping tips, bodyweight exercise demos, and bonus nutrition hacks before the challenge starts.

Access the Challenge Bootcamp

*Qualify for Cash Prizes*

We're giving away $1,000 in cash prizes this challenge: $300 to the best male and female transformations PLUS $200 each to the second best male and female transformations.

To qualify for the best transformation prize, please read the challenge guidelines and make sure to submit the following items to us by Saturday February 18th (noon) latest:

1. After photos: if you have already submitted your before photos, please send us your after photos in the same format: take one photo from the front ​and one from the side, making sure there's plenty of lighting and that you're wearing minimal clothing. Photos must have a time stamp or some legitimate way for us to determine what day the photo was taken.

2. ​Your weight measurement: step on the scale first thing in the morning (before you eat breakfast) and mark down your weight. Please take a photo of the scale measurement while you're standing on it and send it over with your after photos.

Send your images to with the subject line "New Year Challenge After Photos - [Your Name]"​

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

- Dave & Serge

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