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​Here's what some of our amazing customers had to say about Crossrope:


"Why do I love Crossrope so much? Aside from the fact that the ropes are well-made, affordable and functional, Crossrope revolutionizes the way you jump rope. By changing out ropes during a workout, you can increase strength, power, cardiovascular endurance, agility and coordination. In short - Crossrope helps improve your fitness while making you a better athlete, all without boring you to tears during a single-rope jumping routine."
- Laura Williams​ from Girls Gone Sporty


"So far, the fat has been falling off couldn't have gotten a better workout."
- Jeremiah


"I have had a jump rope for a few years and wanted to get in to a real program that can help me burn fat and strengthen myself. The ropes have been great so far and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I can't wait to be even more involved with this group! With all the communication they make you want to stay with it!"
- Perry


"I absolutely love the Crossrope system. I keep a healthy dose of skepticism so even once I received my ropes in the mail I was still reserving judgement. When I woke up sore after only two days of using the system I became a firm believer and supporter and couldn't help but tell my friends and coworkers about it."
- Antonio


"The Crossrope is an incredible product! It is on the expensive side but it is definitely worth it! I have seen more progress in muscle tone and stamina from this jump rope in 1.5 weeks than I saw in a month with a normal rope. I don't give praise lightly but this is a well designed and constructed product that I hope will last me quite awhile"
- Ben

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