30 Day Jump Rope Weight Loss Challenge

Want to avoid putting on weight during the holidays? Prep yourself this year by getting in the best shape of your life now!

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Challenge begins October 17, 2016

$1,000 In Prizes!

You put in the work. We put in the cash!

  • $250 to best male and female transformation
  • $100 to second-best male and female transformations
  • (3) randomly selected $100 participation prizes
  • Free T-Shirt giveaway each week

Check out our previous challenge winners:

Ricardo Weight Loss Results

In just 4 weeks, Ricardo lost 20 lbs and reduced his body fat percentage by nearly 10%! He is still engaged and always looking to lend a supporting hand in the online community!

Brandy Weight Loss Results

In just four weeks, Brandy lost over 12 lbs and trimmed several inches off of her waist! She continues to be a huge inspiration for the community.

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