The New
Infinity Rope System® Is Here

The New Infinity Rope System® Is Here

Now Available for Order.

The Next Generation Experience

The new Infinity Rope System® from Crossrope is finally here. We've redesigned our original jump rope system from the ground up to deliver a jump rope experience unlike any other. Choose one of our new sets below and experience the next generation of jump rope training.


Get Lean Set  $79

Get Lean Set  $79

Get Lean Jump Rope Set

Get Strong Set  $119

Get Strong Set  $119

Get Strong Jump Rope Set

Get Fit Bundle  $198

Get Fit Bundle  $198

Get Fit Jump Rope Bundle

Get Fit Bundle  $198

Get Fit Jump Rope Bundle

What's New

Check out the new features of the next generation Infinity Rope System.

Improved Handle Design

The new Power Handles and Slim Handles merge innovative design with superior performance. Optimal ergonomics give you a more comfortable grip and the precision ceramic ball-bearings provide the smoothest rotation on each and every jump.

More Durable Ropes

We've changed the look of our ropes and given them a new coating formulation to further enhance their durability. We stuck with the customer-approved range of weights from our previous system to provide the ultimate weighted rope system.

Faster Connection System

We've redesigned the connection system to make it much faster and easier to change ropes on the fly. Now you'll be able to cross train with different weights of ropes more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

New Custom Challenges

Each of the Infinity Sets comes with its own custom 30 Day Challenge that's designed to help you achieve your fitness goal. Whether you want to get lean, get strong, or improve your fitness, we've got a challenge for you.

Jump Rope Foundation Course

We're launching a new jump rope education channel next year and as part of this special pre-launch  we're giving you free access to our first course, the Jump Rope Foundation Course. Please note that this is only available with the purchase of a Get Fit Bundle.

Improved Training App

We've upgraded our training app on iOS and Android to give you a premium jump rope experience through your smartphone. You'll be able to access our best tutorials, workouts, and challenges right from your phone.

Coming early 2018.

Infinity Rope System App

Your Questions Answered

Which set is right for me?

Is there a warranty or guarantee on the new system?

Is the new system compatible with the original system?

When will the new Infinity Rope System ship?

For all other questions, please reach out to and we'll be able to assist you right away.

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