A Fun New Jump Rope Experience Designed with your (Client's) Fitness Goals in Mind

Special offer expires December 25, 2017

A Jump Rope Experience Redesigned

At Crossrope, our mission is to deliver a fun and effective jump rope experience. Our patented interchangeable jump rope system is designed to enable you to easily customize your workouts for the ultimate training experience. Clip in your light ropes to train for speed, endurance, or HIT or clip in your heavy ropes to focus on power and strength. With our system, you can change between different weights of ropes to match your training style and give you or your clients a new workout experience.

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The Full Jump Rope Experience

Our  jump rope system offers a unique training experience.

Rugged Handles

Our Rugged handles merge innovative design with superior performance. Designed with a comfortable grip and precision stainless steel ball-bearings, you'll get the smoothest rotation on each and every jump.

Sleek, Durable Ropes

All of our ropes are color-coded and have a special coating formulation to enhance their durability. That means you'll be able to train in style and take your training anywhere.

Versatility of Weighted Ropes

Just like you wouldn't train with a single set of dumbbells, we're giving you the ability to train with multiple weights of ropes. Our fast connection system allows you to swap different weights of ropes quickly and efficiently to meet your training needs.

Portability and Convenience

Don't be confined to the four walls of the gym. With our system and our free, custom-built training app, you can take your training with you wherever you go. Slip your ropes in your gym bag or suitcase and never miss a workout again.

Community and Resources

At Crossrope, we're more than just about jump ropes. When you join our family, you'll be sent an invitation to join our private Jump Rope Fitness Community where you'll get access to free workouts, fitness challenges, and performance events. You'll also get to meet 20,000 other jumpers from across the world who will help you stay motivated.

Improved Training App

We've upgraded our training app on iOS and Android to give you a premium jump rope experience through your smartphone. You'll be able to access our best tutorials, workouts, and challenges right from your phone.


Your Questions Answered

When does this special offer expire?

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Do you have any warranty on the ropes?

For all other questions, please reach out to support@crossrope.com and we'll be able to assist you right away.

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