Please watch this video and download your challenge resources below.

1: Join the Community

Want to meet and engage with other participants? Join our private Facebook community and meet over 70,000 jumpers. 

Jump Rope Community

2. Jump Rope Workshop

New to jump rope training? No problem. Access our simple beginner workshop and learn the basics of jumping rope.

Jump Rope Secrets for Beginners

3. Success Tips

Have some questions during the challenge? These helpful tips will make sure you get started on the right foot.

4: Nutrition Guidelines

Want to get the most out of this challenge? Nutrition plays a huge role and we'll make sure you're on the right path.

Infinity Rope System by Crossrope

5: Jump Rope Set

Need a jump rope set for this challenge? We've got special offers on our popular Crossrope jump rope sets. Take a look at what's available.

Jump Rope Secrets for Beginners

6: Challenge Exercises

If you're stuck on a particular exercise, we've put together an easy to follow video demo for various exercises.

Unlock More Resources Below

Includes additional tutorials, bonus Fasting Guide and Low Carb Meal Ideas (Updated!)

Crossrope Playlist

7. Workout Playlist

Fresh tunes for your workouts? It's always more fun to train with music. Check out the awesome Spotify playlist we put together.

Trainer Jump Rope Checklist

8. Fasting Guide

Not sure how fasting can help? We'll provide you with an introductory guide to the benefits of fasting throughout this challenge.

9. Low Carb Meal Ideas

Need some meal ideas for the challenge? We'll provide you with some low carb meal alternatives that are definitely worth trying.

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