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masterclass skills assessment

Welcome back to the skills assessment. It's time to run through the three simple jump rope fitness tests we had you complete before the challenge started. Now we get to see how much your jumping proficiency, exercise ability, and endurance have improved over the past 30 days.​

Please complete the tests and send us your results by May 29/30, 2017.

The three tests are as follows:

Test 1 - Jump Rope Speed Test
Test 2 - ​Jump Rope Skill Proficiency Test
Test 3 - Jump Rope Endurance Test

Please take a second to download and print your tests here:

Click here to download your fitness tests.

Finished? Congrats!

Please click below to submit your results to us:

Click here to submit your fitness test results.​

Feel free to email us if you have any questions.​

Dave & Serge

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