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We're on the last day of the Crossrope Beginner Workshop. We hope you've found this short series helpful as you prep yourself for the upcoming challenge!

Today we're going to give you a sample workout for you to do today. This is the kind of high-intensity workout that you can expect during the 30 day event.

Check out the video below:​

​Your goal today is try this workout at some point before the challenge begins. Take your time with each exercise and see how many rounds you can complete in 12 minutes.

When you finish, come join us in the community and let us know how the workout went for you. How did you do? How did you feel? ​


The most important things to remember from this video:

- If you have access to a heavy rope, use it for this workout; if you need one, get yours here
- Focus on maintaining good form on each rep of each exercise
- Take time to rest as needed - don't sacrifice good form for a better result

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