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Welcome to Day 3 of our Bootcamp Beginner Workshop.

Today is all about double unders. Once you practice and learn the basic jump rope exercises we showed you on Day 2, it's time to start progressing to the mighty double under.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video below:​

​Your goal today is to take some time to work on the double under drills presented in this video.

Just remember to be patient - this isn't an exercise that you will learn overnight. But if you understand the basic principles to double under progression, you'll get it much quicker.

Good practice makes perfect.​

If you have questions about the double under technique, please reach out to us in the community and let us know. We're here to help!


The most important things to remember from this video:

- If you have access to a heavy rope, use it; if you need one, get yours here
- Remember that the double under is just a progression of the basic jump - all the technique elements remain the same
- You need to be able to have control over your rope at all times
- Use accelerating single bound drills to master your wrist rotation speed
- Use the accelerating drill and add the power bound (power jump) as your next progression
- To master your cadence, count your double unders out loud

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