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Welcome to the 30 Day Jump Rope Fat Loss Challenge hosted by Crossrope and Bloom to Fit! We've created this page to outline all the important details of the challenge for you. Please take a second to watch this short introduction video:

Download Your Resources

Private Facebook Group

To help you stay accountable over the course of this challenge, we've created a private Facebook group just for you.

Click Here to Join the Group​

Nutrition Guidelines

To get the best possible results during this challenge, you will want to make sure your nutrition is on point. 

Download Nutrition Guide Here

Jump Rope Quick-Start Guide

If you are new to jumping rope, we have a quick-start guide to help you build the basics you'll need for this challenge.

Download Quick-Start Guide Here

Bonus Crossrope Workouts

If you want to get access to private Crossrope-only bonus workouts, grab your Plus Set here (use discount).

Get your Crossrope Plus Set Here 

How to Win $300 Prizepack

We want to add an extra boost of motivation At the end of this challenge, we're giving away $300 to the best male and female transformations! 

If you would like to qualify for the best transformation prize, here's what you will need to send us before April 6th:

1. Before photos: before you start the challenge, take one photo from the front ​and one from the side, making sure there's plenty of lighting and you're wearing minimal clothing. Please have something in  the photo to identify the day's date (like a time stamp or current newspaper).

2. ​Your weight measurement: step on the scale first thing in the morning (before you eat breakfast) and write down your weight.

Please send your photos and measurements to crossropehq@gmail.com before April 6th if you would like to qualify for the prizes!​

We encourage you to re-take these measurements and photos each week throughout the course of the challenge to track your progress!

-Dave and Serge

Challenge presented by Crossrope and Bloom to Fit.

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