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How to do Double Unders: From Zero to 639 Double Unders in a Row

Updated on September 28, 2018

Welcome to the ultimate double under training guide where we’re going to teach you how to do double unders like a pro, regardless of your starting point.

The double under is one of the most challenging jump rope exercises on the planet, but it's also one of the most effective, which is what makes it worth the time and effort to learn.

When we first started developing the Crossrope system, the goal was for our founder, Dave, to get 100 double unders in a row. It took a long time to get to even 80 consistently, but hitting that 100 mark was proving to be quite the challenge.

So he created a simple game-plan. Instead of just practicing double unders randomly (which most people do), he created a strategic double under program.

Within two months, he was crushing 200 double unders consistently. He's used the same tips and techniques we're sharing with you in this article to build up to 639 double unders in a row (video included).

And now we want to give you the same tips and strategic approach to learning how to do double unders so you too can improve very quickly.

Let's get started.

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Double Under Disaster to Double Under Master [Customer Spotlight]

Updated on February 26, 2018

Meet Brent: A determined 43 year-old Canadian father of three, lover of Japanese culture, and avid Crossfitter.

For years Brent has struggled to string together double unders despite spending countless hours watching YouTube tutorials and in the gym practicing his technique.

No matter how hard he worked, however, he just couldn't seem to get a feel for them...

Until he discovered Crossrope. Read on to find out how Brent finally conquered his double under struggles and broke his double under record on the very first try with his new ropes.

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Jump Rope Workout With NEW Limited Edition Set [WORKOUT]

Re-published on March 17, 2017.

Today we're excited to bring you an exclusive jump rope workout with our Limited Edition Set that will be re-launching very soon (more on that in a second).

If you're looking for a jump rope workout to push you outside of your comfort zone...

...or if you're looking to spice up your current jump rope workout routine with a new level of fun and intensity, then you're going to love this quick routine we've put together for you.

Check out the full details (and workout video) below.​

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Speed Double Under Pyramid Jump Rope Workout [Dave’s Secret Sauce]

Published on November 16, 2016

Today's workout comes straight from my very own playbook. I use this jump rope workout almost every time I'm in the gym (or my garage) with my ropes.

It's not easy. But it is a fun, quick, and really powerful way of getting your heart rate up.

If you're looking to put your double under skills to use...

...or if you just want to add a new level of intensity to your training routine, then I think you're going to enjoy today's speed double under pyramid workout.

Check out the full details (and video) below.​

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15 Minute Jump Rope Tabata Workout [FEATURE WORKOUT]

Published on October 28, 2016

Today we're excited to bring you another workout from Serge from Bloom to Fit. He's got an awesome 15 minute jump rope Tabata workout to show you today.

If you're looking for a workout that will help you build endurance and burn fat...

...or if you just want to mix up your current jump rope routine with something a little higher on the intensity scale - then this epic 15 minute jump rope tabata workout is a must try.

Check out the full details (and workout video) below.​

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5 Double Under Jump Rope Workout Ideas to Add to Your Routine

Published on October 12, 2016

The double under is a powerful jump rope exercise. It's explosive, challenging, and offers a wide array of fat loss and endurance benefits that many other exercises can't compete with.

And it's versatile. You can build a lot of different workouts around this single exercise.

In today's post we want to show you five unique double under jump rope workout ideas that you can mess around with next time you're at the gym.

Let's get right into it.

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