About Crossrope

Welcome to Crossrope.

Over the past four years, Crossrope has become much more than the jump rope it set out to be. It has become a comprehensive training solution, helping thousands of people achieve real and incredible fitness results.

Our training system has reached the hands of over 10,000 individuals around the world and that number is growing quickly every day.

But we’re just getting started.

In our pursuit to become the go-to portable fitness solution for fitness enthusiasts all across the country (and world), we’re constantly striving to provide a unique and engaging training experience by building new programs, training guides, and applications to help you achieve incredible fitness results without limitations.

We’re on a mission to provide people with the freedom to train on their own terms – where they want and when they want - whether at home or at the gym.

This is what Crossrope is about and we’re really excited to have you join our amazing community.

The Crossrope Team

Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

President & CEO of Crossrope

Dave invented the Crossrope system when sidelined with an injury in 2011. From his high school days in upstate New York, to the Naval Academy, and on to a career as a Navy Pilot, he's always had a passion for jumping. When he's not at Crossrope headquarters working on innovative new ways to bring an enjoyable jump rope experience to the masses, you'll find him at the gym or spending time with his wife and two kids.​


Jeannette Kline

VP of Operations

Jeannette grew up in Europe before coming to the US to get her BA in Psychology. She joined the Crossrope team in 2014 where she relentlessly handles operations and keeps things moving. When she is not helping grow Crossrope, Jeannette enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, and spending time with friends and family.


Kyle Easter

VP of Strategic Relationships

Kyle is a self-diagnosed fitness addict who loves playing sports and staying active. Four years ago, he didn’t even know how to hold the rope. Today, he’s a jump rope magician, constantly pulling people in at trade shows with his impeccable rope skills. He’s been the biggest advocate for Crossrope since its inception and continues to promote the product on various channels.


Serge Popovic

VP of Marketing

Serge is the digital marketing specialist at Crossrope. He joined the Crossrope team in 2015 after a long stint in the world of Engineering. Serge is also a world-traveler, fitness junkie, jump rope ninja, and an espresso lover. You can find him hosting awesome fitness challenges over at his blog, Bloom to Fit.


Story Parsons

Customer Support Specialist

Story is the customer support specialist at Crossrope. She served active duty in the Air Force and continues to be a part of the Air Force Reserves. Story has a passion for fitness and numerous certifications under her belt. She owned a personal training studio and boot camp gym in Virginia where she helped people achieve amazing fitness results. When she’s not helping Crossrope customers, she loves spending time with her four kids.