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Rope Recommended: 1 LB orange Intensity Rope from the Plus Set
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Welcome to the 1 LB Double Under Max event. 

Objective: for this event, the goal is to complete as many double unders as you can with a 1 Lb jump rope. Unlike the previous events, this is not a timed event, but a MAX event.

For full details of the event, please watch the video below:

Submit Results

Upon completing the event, please submit your results below if you would like to qualify for our leaderboard. Please note that a 1 Lb rope must be used for this event, but it can be any rope of that weight. We encourage you to share your performance in our Jump Rope Community and continue to record your results to track your improvement.

NOTE: In order to verify your submission, please upload your attempt on Facebook or YouTube (we will ask for the URL when you submit your results).

Please note: Submissions will be updated within the hour


The leaderboards will be updated as submissions are received.

If you recently submitted a score, the leaderboard(s) will be updated within the hour.
To qualify for the leaderboard, the prescribed rope weight must be used.

[verified] = results have been verified by video.

Each participant can only have one spot on the leaderboard, so please submit your best result.

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