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"Working at keeping my arms tucked in. I'm 61... haven't skipped for Hmmmm 50 years!!!! Love these ropes- it's the kick I need. Thanks Crossrope. Enjoying this community...."

- Barbara S.

"You guys! I got 4 double unders in a row! Not such a big thing for a lot of you, but I am soooo excited! Day 10 done. 30 rounds alt foot jumps with the 1 lb. Last round was 100 jumps to burn out shoulders. Had to stop so I could join my group fitness hour! With Patty, my mom, personal coach and workout partner in crime!"

- Camerly R.

"I am already a few pounds lighter since Day 1."

- Alfred G.

"I've lost 1" on my waist in just the first week!!"

- Cathy L.

"Day 8 an 9. Ugh! Can't wait to get through day 10. We're a third of the way there, everybody! I still can't thank you all enough. This has been a huge kick in the butt for me, but I can thoroughly tell the difference from a ten days ago."

- Zach H.

"Did day nine's workout today due to not being able to do it yesterday. Did 20 split rounds, alternate foot with the explode and stamina ropes. Kickboxing in between the 2 rounds. Kinda done now! Will do today's stretches!! Hope everyone else is enjoying this as much as I am."

- Chloe W.

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