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  • 1/2 LB 1000​​​​J
  • 2 LB 250J
  • 1/4 LB 500J
  • 2 LB 500J
  • 1 LB DU MAX

Welcome to the Jump Rope Performance Challenge events page! We hope you're excited to get started. Please take a second to watch this short intro video before jumping into your event.

The Events: Why We Recommend Crossrope

Our mission here at Crossrope is to get more people engaged with jump rope fitness. It's a fun and proven way to get amazing fitness results, fast.

And here's the best kept secret - the challenge, experience, and results that come from jumping with a range of weighted ropes cannot be matched with a single rope. We've seen that from challenge to challenge. While we encourage you to use whatever rope you have on hand, the best results will come from mixing between different weights of ropes.

That is why we've built these jump rope events around different weights - it's simply the best way to develop full-body speed, power, strength, coordination, endurance and agility. And it's also a lot more fun.

If you have a range of weighted ropes, please use them. If you need a set of weighted ropes, take a look at our Performance Challenge Specials. We've got some awesome deals for all of our challenge participants.

We hope you're excited to get started. Good luck!

Dave Hunt

Past Events

  • welcome
  • 1/4 LB 1000J
  • 1/4 Lb 500j
  • 1/4 Lb 250j
  • 1 lb 500j
  • 1 lb 250j
  • 1/2 lb 500j
  • 1/4 lb du max
  • 1/2 lb du max

EVENT: 1/4 LB 1000J

Rope Recommended: 1/4 Lb black Agility Rope​

One of our staple jump rope events is the 1/4 Lb 1000J.

Objective: using any jump rope technique you wish, complete 1,000 jumps with the 1/4 Lb jump rope as quickly as you can and submit your time.

If you trip up, keep going. If you get tired, rest until you're ready (but the timer keeps going).​

For full deta​ils, please watch the video below:

Submit Your Results:

Upon completing the event, please submit your results below if you would like to qualify for our leaderboard. Please note that a 1/4 Lb rope must be used for this event, but it can be any rope of that weight. We encourage you to share your performance in our Jump Rope Community and continue to record your result to track your improvement.

Note: only submissions that are accompanied with a video will have the [verified result] tag in the leaderboard. If you would like to share your video, please share it in our community.


[verified] = results have been verified by video.
​To qualify for the leaderboard, the prescribed rope weight must be used.
​Each participant can only have one spot on the leaderboard, so please submit your best result.

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