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EVENT 5: 1/2 LB DU Max or 1 LB 500J

Our fifth and final event for the performance challenge is the 1/2 Lb DU Max.

This is going to be the toughest challenge so far. Your objective is to complete as many double unders as you can with a 1/2 Lb jump rope.

​If you're a beginner and can't do double unders yet, complete the modified 1 Lb 500J event with the goal of completing 500 jumps with a 1 Lb rope as quickly as you can.

For full details of the event, please watch the video below:​​

Action Steps

Remember that today is all about practice. Take some time today to practice your double under technique and figure out how you want to best approach this challenge for tomorrow.

Submit Results

Upon completing the event tomorrow, please submit your results below so we can add you to our leaderboard. Please note that a 1/2 Lb rope must be used for this event to qualify.

We will accept all results for the leaderboard, but only those that are accompanied with a video will have the [verified result] tag. If you would like to record your best performance, share it in our community or send it to us privately via We Transfer (email to:

Click here to submit your results.​

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