Limited Edition

Combo Offer



Crossrope Limited Edition Set

Crossrope Limited Edition Rush Rope

3/4 Lb Rush Rope

The Rush rope is ideal for challenging endurance and freestyle sessions.

Crossrope Limited Edition Flex Rope

1 1/2 Lb Flex Rope

The 1 1/2 Lb Flex rope gives a challenging mix of weight and speed for power jumping.

Crossrope Limited Edition Titan X Rope

3 Lb Titan X

The 3 Lb Titan X rope is a BEAST! Our heaviest rope ever for tough upper body circuits.

Crossrope Limited Edition Handles

Rugged LE Handles

The Rugged Elite LE handles have a custom design for enhanced grip and durability.

Special Combo Offer

The Limited Edition Set is a temporary and exclusive addition to the Infinity Rope System. Only a few hundred sets are available for sale.

(Pre-Orders are expected to ship around April 4th)​

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