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Welcome to Day 1 of our Crossrope Beginner Workshop.

Today we're going to cover the fundamental techniques of jump rope training. Please take a few minutes to watch the video below for full instructions:

Take some time today to practice these basic techniques until you feel comfortable with your jump rope form. Remember - this stuff takes time to learn, so be patient and persistent.

If you have a heavier rope, we highly recommend that you use it when you practice so you can have a better feel for your rope - you will learn much faster with a heavier rope.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us in the community and​ we'll get your questions answered as soon as we can!


The most important things to remember from this video:

- If you have access to a heavy rope, use it; if you need one, get yours here
- Have a timer ready (any smartphone app will do; we use Seconds Pro)
- Use a handshake grip for lighter ropes and a wrap-around grip for heavier ropes
- Keep your hands in line with the mid-line of your body and elbows pulled back
- Keep your feet together when bounding
- Make sure your rope is properly sized for your body (see guidelines in video)
- Start with slow rotations and increase the pace as you get more comfortable

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