Looking for faster results? Our jump rope system can help you get there.

Crossrope Starter Set

The Crossrope Starter Set is the perfect introduction to weighted jump rope training.

Crossrope Plus Set

The Crossrope Plus Set is a powerful four rope training system that's ideal for all fitness levels.

Crossrope Premium Set

The Crossrope Premium Set is the most advanced and comprehensive system on the planet.

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"Fast weight loss"

I love my Crossropes. Jumping rope has helped me to maintain my exercise regimen. My weight loss results were faster than any other time I tried losing weight. Thank you all.

- Ed Grace

Crossrope review star rating

"Great ropes"

These are great jump ropes. I love that I'm able to easily switch out for heavier jump ropes. It's been a great set of ropes to get started with.

- Trevor C.

Crossrope review star rating

"Very impressed"

Love my Crossropes! I’ve been using ropes with weighted handles and the difference in intensity is incredible. My husband was so impressed with them he got a set :)

- Sharon D.

Crossrope review star rating

"Best jump rope ever"

Worth every penny. Love the 1 pound rope. I'ts my go to. And not having my rope curl or tangle is so nice. Really well made and thought out product.

- Jack M.

Crossrope review star rating

"A difference maker"

The ropes are great! I could really feel the difference with the 1lb rope. The 1lb rope really helped me established a rhythm and made jumping rope a lot easier to start vs a speed rope I was using before hand.

- David T.

Crossrope review star rating

"Incredible rope and handles"

These grips feel super good in my hands, very comfortable. These ropes are unlike any other jump rope I've used, they are high quality and the varying weights makes a huge positive impact on my workouts.

- Shane F.

Crossrope review star rating

"Get them and don't look back"

Going from a nylon rope with wood handles to the Crossrope was a huge learning curve because those things spin like butter! Wow! I’m a full-on believer in Crossrope and now I won’t look back!!

- Amber K.

Crossrope review star rating

"You get the best now forget the rest"

Awesome rope with so many different workouts and conditioning levels that this set gives a customer. Use this system and its guaranteed to help you reach gains in your strength and conditioning.

- Timothy S.

Crossrope review star rating

"Weighted ropes are the best!"

Great jump rope! the set off different rope weighs are perfect to push even more for a full body workout .. Love it!

- Ahmed A.

Crossrope review star rating

"Awesome quality and great products"

Great products. Very happy with the purchase, the quality and the service. I highly recommend these ropes to anyone.

- Mario H.

Crossrope review star rating

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