submit your baseline test results

Once you complete your three double under tests (see full instructions in the Testing tab on your Workouts page), please submit your results below.

Submit Your (Final) Test Results

Test 1 - Max Double Unders in 15 Seconds

Write down how many max double unders you achieved in 15 seconds.

Test 2 - Max Single Unders in 30 Seconds

Write down your how many max single unders you achieved in 30 seconds.

Test 3 - Max Consecutive Double Unders

Write down how many max consecutive double unders you achieved:

After you submit your results...

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Just completed the #doubleunder challenge from @crossrope. My final max consecutive double under score is:

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Submit Your Video

If you would like to submit your videos, here's what we need.

When you're doing your baseline tests, film yourself doing test #3 - max consecutive double unders. To submit your video, please upload it to our Facebook community HERE.

Challenge presented by Crossrope and Bloom to Fit.