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We're on the last day of the Beginner Workshop. We hope you've found this short series helpful as you prep yourself for the upcoming challenge!

Today we're going to give you two sample workouts for you to try. Feel free to do them both today or split them up into multiple days, whatever you think you can handle. But this is the kind of high-intensity work that you can expect during the 30 day event. Let's get started.

Workout 1: Jump Ropes and Bodyweight

The first workout is built around jump rope and bodyweight exercises. Please watch the video below for full workout details and follow along.

How many rounds did you complete in 12 minutes? Let us know in the community.

Workout 2: Kettlebells

The second workout is all about the kettlebell. This simple, beginner workout is built around all three of the kettlebell exercises you've learned in this workshop - the swing, the squat, and the press. And the structure is very simple.

Watch the video below for full details and follow along.

How did you do?

When you finish, come join us in the community and let us know how the workout went for you. How did you do? How did you feel? 

Bonus: Want a third workout to try before the challenge begins? You can check out another little fat-burning workout from Pat Flynn here. Enjoy​


- If you have access to a heavy rope, use it for the 1st workout; you can get yours here
- Focus on maintaining good form on each rep of each exercise
- Take time to rest as needed - don't sacrifice good form for a better result
- Complete the kettlebell workouts at your own pace and focus on form, not speed

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