Before submitting your photos, please ensure that you have reviewed the Challenge Guidelines. The 30 Day New Year Jump Rope Get Fit Challenge "After" Photo Submission will be available from February 8 - February 11, 2018.

NEW ADDITION FOR THE NEW YEAR! We're including waist measurements for this challenge as not all transformations are visible on the scale. If you're not sure how to measure your waist, please have a look at the instructions here.


In order for your photos to be valid, your photos must contain the following:

1) Front and side shot. Make sure there is plenty of lighting and that you are wearing clothing that would allows us to see progress from start to finish.
2) Time stamp. All photos must have a time-stamp or some legitimate way for us to determine what day the photos were taken. The accepted forms of time stamps are as follows:

  • Holding a handwritten note that shows the date the photo was taken and any sports score from that day
  • Holding a newspaper from that day (with the date visible)

Click here to see an example:

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