How to Use Jump Ropes for Power and Performance Training

Published on April 6, 2016

Note from Crossrope: we're excited to publish our very first guest post on our blog. Eric Bach is an ex-athlete turned strength and performance coach who helps clients improve their strength and athletic performance at Bach Performance. His recent eBook, The Power Primer 2.0, will teach you how to bridge the gap between athletics and aesthetics (using simple tools like the jump rope) to build a shredded, powerful looking body.

Take it away Eric...

When most people think about training for athleticism, they picture heavy lifting, throwing, and sprinting.

Often lost in the fog is jumping. Or more specifically, jumping rope.

What gives?

After all, some of the best athletes of past (Walter Payton) and present (Floyd Mayweather) had the jump rope as a mainstay in their training.

It’s time to take a page from the book of the greats and put the jump-rope where it belongs: back in your high performance training plan.

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5 Jump Rope Workouts to Build Endurance Like an Athlete

Published on February 3, 2016

There's no doubt that the versatility of the jump rope has become more and more apparent over the past few years, especially with the introduction of heavy ropes and thin wire cables.

But it's important not to forget about the origins of jump rope training and what it was once primarily used for - building impeccable endurance.

Back in the day, the jump rope was nothing more than a conditioning tool. You would see athletes (boxers in particular) using it to build endurance, stamina, and conditioning that was vital for competition.

So today we want to take you back. In this post, we’re going to give you 5 jump rope workouts you can use to build endurance like an athlete. Let's take a look...

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9 Minute Jump Rope Workout Template to Burn Serious Fat

Published on January 20, 2016

In our last blog post, we gave you 5 jump rope workouts to get your new year started right. Big thanks to those who shared your results! Really impressive stuff.

Now these workouts are evergreen, meaning they can be done any time a good fat-burning workout is needed. They are specific and can be incorporated (or built around) any existing workout or training program.

But what if you want to customize your workout? What if you want to build your own fat-burning workout?

That’s what this blog post is all about. We’ve put together a simple workout template that you can use to build your own fat-burning jump rope/bodyweight workout in 9 minutes. Continue Reading


5 Jump Rope Workouts to Get Your New Year Started Right

Published on January 6, 2016

In our last blog post (in 2015), we discussed the difficulties of setting New Year’s resolutions (and some simple tactics on how you can increase your chances of success).

With our first post of 2016, we want to get more specific. We want to help you take action so you can start seeing results sooner rather than later.

In this post, we’re going to give you 5 jump rope workouts you can start doing right now to get your New Year started off right. Let’s take a look… Continue Reading


3 Holiday Jump Rope Workouts to Burn off the Extra Holiday Calories

Published on December 16, 2015

With the holidays just about in full swing, we know what’s coming – food. And lots of it.

Holiday eating is always excessive. Christmas parties, dinners, family gatherings, and everything in between means you’re constantly indulging on something delicious.

According to Associated British Foods (ref), the average person eats more than 7,000 calories on Christmas day alone! That’s more than three times the recommended daily caloric intake. And we won’t even get into the left-overs.

While we can’t help you out with your indulgence problem, we can hook you up with some killer jump rope workouts that will help you offset some of the damage done over the next couple of weeks.

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The Bolt: Everything you Need to Know About our New Jump Rope Set

Published on December 9, 2015

We recently pre-launched our new training system – the Infinity Rope System – with our brand new indoor-outdoor ropes and combo sets.

One of the things we haven’t talked much about is the new Bolt Set, which is included inside the premium Infinity Rope System.

Since pre-launch, we’ve been receiving a number of questions about the new Bolt set. Here’s everything you need to know about it. Continue Reading


5 Reasons why Crossrope is the Best Gift Idea This Holiday Season

Published on November 25, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you often dread (and significantly procrastinate) buying Christmas presents. Not because you’re a Scrooge, but because you care about getting the right gifts.

The last thing you want is to do is buy someone you care about a gift that carries high-risk potential of falling into the ever-growing stockpile of “that was nice for a few minutes.”

Well, I’ve got some good news for you my fellow conscientious gift-buyer.

You can go ahead and stop Googling “The Perfect Gift in 2015” because I’m about to give you 5 reasons why Crossrope is the best gift you can give this holiday season. Continue Reading


The Next Big Thing is Here: The Infinity Rope System from Crossrope

Over the past six months, we’ve been working on a big project. We’ve been creating the next evolution in Crossrope training systems.

For months we’ve been tweaking, refining, and polishing what we deem to be the most refined jump rope training system on the planet and, after what seems like an eternity, I’m excited to say that it’s almost ready.

Say hello to the Infinity Rope System, a revolution in jump rope training.

You said you wanted lighter and faster. We did it.

You said you wanted more options and more versatility. We did it.

Our new training sets are rooted in the foundation and design of Crossrope 2.0 and our flagship product, the Burn Set. But now we’ve taken things to a whole new level.

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4 Elements That Make a Powerful Jump Rope Workout (don’t skip #4)

Published on November 11, 2015

We’ve already discussed the impressive versatility of the jump rope in the past. It’s no doubt that this simple training tool offers numerous ways to structure your training.

But sometimes this can be a blessing in disguise because when presented with too many paths, we often resort to taking none.

So today I want to show you how you can simplify things. I’m going to show you the four elements that will help you build powerful jump rope workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime.

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3 Little Technique Improvements for Fast Jump Rope Results

Published on October 23, 2015

Today I want to discuss 3 quick and simple fixes that will help you improve your jump rope technique.

One of the biggest things that hold jump ropers back in further skill development is simply not analyzing their own form and identifying the areas that are causing the problems.

Whenever I begin to trip up, I like to jump rope in front of a mirror so I can start critiquing my own form and technique until I identify where it is breaking down so I can make the proper fix. Continue Reading