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join our jump rope community

Get fit with over 3,000 jumpers in our FREE online jump rope community.

join our jump rope community

Get fit with over 3,000 jumpers in our FREE online jump rope community.

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I can feel different muscle groups working with different weighted ropes, and my body has reshaped since I have been using [Crossrope] and eating right. The Crossrope Facebook group has got so many dedicated people from around the world that now I feel like my jumping community has grown, and so has my support and passion. I really enjoy what Crossrope has done for me these past few months!

Greg H.

I have had a jump rope for a few years and wanted to get in to a real program that can help me burn fat and strengthen myself. The ropes have been great so far and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I can't wait to be even more involved with this group! With all the communication they make you want to stay with it!

Perry S.

I bought a complete set for myself and my wife. We already work out several times a week but this gives us more flexibility than we had before and with the various weights on the Crossropes the workouts are amazing! Plus it is very fun and always a competition for yourself to get better, more strings of success in a row, more double unders!

Tom P.

To be honest, I never thought jumping rope would be so enjoyable. Sure, it's hard work but the Crossrope system makes it that much more achievable. With all the weights to work through and the many varieties of jumping, one should never get bored. Loving @Crossrope

Damian K.

I love that you can feel the workout become more and more of a full body experience with the various weights. Can't wait to find new ways to incorporate them into workouts and get away from the "daily routine".


I fell in love with my Crossrope after my first jump session. It was just so smooth compared to any rope I have used before. With this Crossrope, it is clear to me how easy it will be to live a more active lifestyle.

Nathan C.

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