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Welcome to the official Jump Rope Fitness Community hosted by Crossrope!

This is a FREE online Facebook community made up of amazing people from all across the globe. We share jump rope tips, workouts, challenges, and everything in between. 

Before you get started, we encourage you to read through our list of ground rules. This will help ensure that our community remains engaging, encouraging, and respectful all the way through.

Things we encourage:

- Thoughtful and enthusiastic conversations about jumping rope/fitness/nutrition

- Encouraging posts (always look to inspire others)

- Inviting your friends to join​ (just make sure they read these rules)

- Comments and suggestions about jumping rope/fitness/nutrition

- Asking questions (we'll find someone who has your answers)​

- Sharing your personal journey or progress through stories and pictures

- Photos or videos to show off your awesome skills (or your awesome ropes)

- Connecting with fellow members in a positive way

Things we discourage:

- Negative or discouraging posts (again, always look to inspire and encourage)

- Hateful language or profanity​

- Newsfeed ‘hogging’ - that means no posting 10 posts/images/videos in a row; we have lots of people in the community and we want to make sure their newsfeeds are respected

- Spam (kind of obvious)

- Harassment of any kind

- Personal promotion

- Links or comments containing sexually explicit content material

- Content determined to be inappropriate, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the core purposes of this community.

Please note...​

Any posts that fall under the "things we discourage" section will be immediately deleted and posters may be subject to immediate removal from the group.

As a fellow member of the community, please report any posts that violate these guidelines.​

We’re always happy to receive questions and feedback! If you have questions about these rules, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Cheers!

The Crossrope Team​

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