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We're giving you everything you need to see results and stay motivated!

Mini Workouts and Challenges

Get access to all of the mini-challenges and bonus workouts we host throughout the month. You will learn how to use the jump rope to achieve amazing fitness results.

Nutrition Tips & Guidelines

Get access to our simple (yet powerful) nutrition guidelines and grocery lists that we've designed to help you lose weight and make better food choices. We also share weekly nutrition tips.

Jump Rope Quick-Start Guide

Get access to our Jump Rope Quick-Start guide and learn the basics of jumping rope so you can get a quick-start on mastering your skills. We also share weekly technique tips!

Private Facebook Group Access

To help you stay accountable, we've created a private Facebook group for participants who want to share their results, ask questions, engage with other jumpers, and just get inspired.


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community faq's

Is the community free to join?

Yes! The group is open to all participants.

Do I need to have a Facebook account?

You only need a Facebook account if you want to join our private FB community. Otherwise, all of the mini-challenges and tips will be delivered via email.

What if I don't know how to jump rope?

No worries. Once you join, you'll get access to our simple Jump Rope Quick-Start guide to help you get the basics down. We will also be offering useful tips each week to our private members.

Do I need access to a gym to participate?

No. All of the challenges, workouts, and training tips you will get are built around simple jump rope and bodyweight exercises so you'll be able to do them anywhere.

What equipment do I need to join?

You will need a jump rope, a timer, and some space (with ceiling height). If you have a jump rope already, you're set. If you don't, we'll show you where to get the best ones.

Got questions?

If you have any other specific questions, feel free to send us an email to

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