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Ricardo Weight Loss Results

Ricardo lost 20 lbs and reduced his body fat percentage by nearly 10% in his first ever jump rope challenge!

Brandy Weight Loss Results

In her very first challenge, Brandy lost over 12 lbs and trimmed several inches off of her waist

Arun Crossrope Story

Arun lost 11 lbs in his second jump rope challenge!

Brandy Weight Loss Results

Robin lost over 10 lbs and never felt better!

Brandy Weight Loss Results

Claudia trimmed her waist and lost 11 lbs in her first 30 day challenge.

Ricardo Weight Loss Results

Malcolm also shed 11 lbs in just 30 days in his first 30 day jump rope weight loss challenge!

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Join over 4,000 jumpers!

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Join over 4,000 jumpers!

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