Crossrope Jump Rope App

Our Crossrope jump rope training system offers a training experience unlike any other.

To help you make the most out of your new jump rope training system, we created a special Crossrope Jump Rope Training App. With our app, you can follow along to many different types of workouts depending on fitness goals.

You can get the jump rope app free on the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android)! Click here to download the app or check out the details below.

Crossrope Training App - choose your set

Choose Your System

The jump rope app is built to work for both the original Crossrope system and our new Infinity Rope System.

No matter what jump rope set you have, we have workouts ready for you!

Crossrope App

Choose Your Goal

Are you trying to burn fat? Or improve your endurance and conditioning.

No matter what your fitness goal is, we've got you covered with our app.

Choose your specific fitness goal and choose from one of our unique jump rope workouts that are designed to help you accomplish that goal.

Crossrope - Choose Your Workout

Choose Your Workout

Once you choose your combo set, you will have plenty of workouts to choose from!

The duration of each workout is shown so you know exactly how much time you need to complete the workout ahead of time.

We also use color coding to help you quickly identify what workouts belong to which combo set!

Crossrope - App Timer

Follow the Timer

Our intuitive timer guides you through each workout so you know what rope to use, when to use it, when to change ropes, and when to rest.

Audio cues will guide you through the workout so you don’t need to keep an eye on your phone during hard sessions, even while listening to your favorite music playlist.

You can also choose whether you want your workout to be built around basic or advanced jump rope skills right on the timer screen!

Crossrope App

Share Your Results!

When you finish your workout, you’ll know exactly how long you trained and how many calories you burned!

You’ll even have the ability to share your workout results with your friends!

Download the Crossrope Jump Rope App